Jodi Kay Chambers

MI & OH Realtor

About Jodi Kay Chambers

I absolutely love helping others with their real estate needs. With EXP Realty I get to do just that and build a sustainable future as a stockholder. My training, experience and resources as a Realtor will get the very best market price when selling and negotiate a fair and honest price for buying the home you love coming home to. If you or someone you love and care about is interested in knowing more about real esate or a future with EXP, I am here to answer questions.

Everyone gets the added benefit of a confidential online management system called DOTLOOP to communicate and manage their documents and transactions that includes eSigning. And as a certified trainer/user of the program, I also provide hands on personal training to agents. Agents and users can visit or email me for details.

I look forward to meeting with you, answering your questions and assisting you with your Real Estate needs.